As a child it brought me great pleasure as I listened to my cousin play the piano, whilst her brother would sing like an angel.

So I decided when I grew up I would satisfy both my desire to please people and my love of music and be a famous singer and piano player. However, reality set in when I discovered that out of all 36 cousins I was the one that was completely denied any musical ability at all (seriously I can’t even tap my toes in time to the music). So to my second love I turned – numbers, that’s right numbers.

Boring I know, but to me all things maths made sense – follow the formula and you get the correct answer – logical and simple. But how do I integrate this with my desire to please people? A mortgage broker of course – who isn’t pleased with the gift of someone else sorting through all the numbers for them to get them into their dream home? After 20 yrs of loving my career, I had my two boys and discovered a new love, the fun/frustration that being a Mum brings, quickly realising that raising children is as far from ‘following a formula to get the answers’ as you can get.

I faced a new conundrum – how do I get the best of both world’s pleasing my children as a Mum and pleasing clients whilst still playing with numbers? Luckily for me, I found Stream Financial who not only offered the perfect balance of ‘muming and numbers” but a talented team who sing and play the guitar during lunch breaks – winning.

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