Tim van Doore – Principal/Senior Adviser

B Bus (Acc), DipFS, C. Dec

I’ve always been someone who enjoys pulling things apart and making them better in some way. I find this fun and interesting and am a big believer in continual improvement. I believe there is a best way of having something done, not just a better way.

Janis Glassop – Risk Insurance Specialist

Dip FS

As a very proud mother with 2 beautiful daughters who were born with a degenerative genetic condition, I spent a lot of time in their younger days fighting for their rights and believing that everyone has the right to a good education, care and a safe and loving environment.

Lachlan Money – Insurance & Financial Adviser

B Com (FP), Dip ML, JP (QUAL)

I’ll admit it, I’m a people pleaser. I like making people feel good.

While I would 100% agree this has lead me to do a lot of things I wouldn’t have otherwise done, I can honestly say without a doubt I am better off because of it. I have found myself learning instruments I wouldn’t have otherwise learnt, winning a bronze medal in lawn bowls of all things, competing in the Tough Mudder challenge and performing on stage in front of hundreds of people.

Drew Bacon – Financial Adviser

Dip (FP), Cert IV ML

If you were to consolidate my life down into a simple formula it would look like this.

My wife + kids ^ 4 + sport + faith = my sum total

I am all about my family, they are my reason, my why. I love playing rugby union at my local club and love a beer with good friends.

Life is to be enjoyed! Sure, it goes up and down, moves in swings and round-abouts, and throws you a curve ball every now and then. (insert any other colloquialism you feel works) but a good laugh will always pull you through.

Conrad Voss – General Manager

B.Com, Adv Dip FP, Dip FS(FP) Dip FS(Super)

My objective in my professional career is to combine my highly developed technical and communication skills with my exceptional motivation to achieve positive results in the Financial Planning Industry.

Support Team

Candy Trevenen – Adviser Support

Candy was a teacher on the Gold Coast for five years before joining the team at Stream Financial in 2009. Candy’s role at Stream Financial is to provide assistance and support to the Senior Advisors with day to day tasks and event management.

Nikki Middleton – Adviser Support

I like systems and numbers, ensuring that every step that needs to be followed gets done and every step that is unnecessary be removed from the process.

Karen Engelbrecht – Adviser Support

I’ve learnt so much since leaving school, I’ve grown up a lot, I have had my first real world job funding my self-sufficiency. I have experienced the amazing feeling of being able to help someone both financially and emotionally during a difficult time in their lives.

Rebecca Moran – Client Services & Claims Manager

Since I was young, I’ve always been someone who enjoys being around other people.
I believe that this has really helped to bring out my compassionate and caring nature, and has helped me to forge strong relationships over the years. I usually gravitate toward roles where I can give great service to clients on a professional level, as well as a personal one, as I feel a great sense of satisfaction in knowing I’ve been able to help in some way.

Joe Hirst – Adviser Support

B.Comm (FP)

When I was little, I would often go to my grandparent’s house on the weekends. It was here that my Grandma taught me how to play draughts. Each time we would play, I would “somehow” always win, despite any lack of effort or concentration. Against my Grandfather, I would play chess, where he, in no small measure, took a different tact. Initially, he taught me the rules and that was it – I was on my own. We would play over and over, again and again and I would just lose every single time, week in, week out, game after game. Until one special day as a result of hours upon hours of defeat, I eventually earned my first win.