“If you were to consolidate my life down into a simple formula it would look like this.”

My wife + kids ^ 4 + sport + faith = my sum total

I am all about my family, they are my reason, my why. I love playing rugby union at my local club and love a beer with good friends.

Life is to be enjoyed! Sure, it goes up and down, moves in swings and round-abouts, and throws you a curve ball every now and then. (insert any other colloquialism you feel works) but a good laugh will always pull you through.

I’m a huge believer in the power of why. All things can be explained when you understand the why that drives the what. Why say the things we do, act the way we do, feel the way we feel and believe what we believe? What’s in us that influences our worldview that makes us unique and defines us? A bit philosophical i know but I believe it holds extraordinary power.

Your why gives you permission to be who you are called to be and to fill the space in this world created just for you. Don’t let anyone rob you of it…if you do they’re effectively robbing you of you.
I know what you’re thinking, a bit deep for a big dumb footballer right ?!?

Why am I in finance?

Great question…

It’s part of my why…its where I fit; helping people and making a difference.

Today, of all days, live out YOUR why and have the best one!