Nikki Collage

I like systems and numbers, ensuring that every step that needs to be followed gets done and every step that is unnecessary be removed from the process.

I entered this field after returning from travelling overseas and have quickly found an appreciation for the difference that can be made in a terrible situation by the service we provide.

I direct and assists our client’s with daily requests and completes investigations and documents for the advisers. My past administration experience as a Records Officer for the Department of Main Roads & Transport.

I come from a farming background and moved to the Sunshine Coast from a small town outside Gympie when I finished school a number of years ago. I lived in London and worked as a Nanny and took the opportunity to travel around Europe and Egypt while abroad. Upon returning to the beautiful Sunshine Coast in early 2012 and I joined the Stream team and been here ever since. I enjoy working in administration as it is a field in which my organisational skills and desire to always try and find a more efficient method can be utilised.

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