We believe at Stream Financial that it is important for each individual to be empowered to make the best possible decisions that they can.

We are about taking away your concerns, stress and confusion, and cutting through the noise and emotion to leave you with a sense of certainty, direction and importantly hope.

We’re dedicated in our approach to being the people that stand beside you so that you know you’ve got someone on your side, regardless of if the times are good or bad. We have a genuine interest in you as a person, not as a walking talking bank account, but as a human being with a real hopes and dreams, fears and worries. We are interested and above even that, care.

At Stream Financial you will find that we are passionate about being thorough and delving through all of the options, believing that a job worth doing is worth doing right. This is because the level of privilege and trust that is given to us daily offers us no other option than to do just that, be relentless in our pursuit of delivering the best that we can.

Your death or inability to work due to accident or illness may affect the entire family; it is our job to ensure you are protected financially in the event you cannot work or pass away.

At Stream Financial we want to help.  We are happy to make a time that suits you either at our office, on the phone or at your home. It is vital when discussing personal risk protection that we understand of all your financial and personal responsibilities.

If you are referred to us there is no cost for our consultation – all of our advice is free of charge. No conditions apply and there are no catches. We will provide you with insurance quotes, recommendations and advice.  Insurance advisors get paid a commission by the insurance companies whose policies we prepare for you. Utilising the services of a broker does not represent an additional premium to you.  Interestingly enough, often when you deal directly with the insurance company you can end up paying more than if you used a broker to place the business of your behalf.